When a marriage comes to an end, both the husband and wife experience a great deal of emotions.  The children of a marriage also experience those emotions.  Even an uncontested divorce can raise legal issues which have to be addressed before a court enters a final decree of divorce.  Rafuse Law Firm, P.C. can help you and your spouse put your agreement on custody and division of property into the proper form to be approved by a court.  Since there is always a potential that an uncontested divorce can become contested, our firm can only represent one party.  It is very important that each spouse understand that our firm cannot represent both spouses.

In a contested divorce, the emotions are greater and longer lasting. In Texas, the courts usually name both parents as joint managing conservators. The fight, if any, is commonly over who has primary possession of the child and the amount of child support which must be paid by the party who does not have primary possession. The visitation schedule for the party who does not have primary possession may also be in dispute. If the parties can not agree on these issues. The court will decide these issues based on the best interest of the child(ren). While every parent wants to have primary possession of their child(ren), sometimes it is crucial to examine the reasons why a person wants primary possession. It is because of that need to examine those reasons that many courts require the parents to attend courses urging parents to put the child first before their own interests.

Whether a divorce is contested or uncontested, at least one party needs to be represented by an attorney.  Rafuse Law Firm, P.C. offers free consultations to parties who are facing the stress and strain of a divorce.

Other cases in the family law category include modification, termination, child support enforcement, paternity and adoption. If you want to modify possession of and access to a child, modify child support, terminate parental rights, enforce a child support order, establish paternity, or begin proceedings to adopt a child, the nature of these cases usually require hiring an attorney. If your are served with a petition or motion concerning a modification of possession or child support, termination of your parental rights, motion to enforce a child support order or a petition to establish paternity, it is essential that you seek legal advice. Free consultations are available in all of those cases.